Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I found this fruit at the Farmer's Market today and it was so unusual I had to share.  At first I thought they were trimmed artichokes, but there was a sign that said that these tasted like vanilla custard and they were to be eaten with a spoon when they were soft.  So of course I had to buy a couple.

I cut one open and this is what it looks like inside.  The very first thing that I noticed was the very sweet vanilla smell...and something else...dirty socks?

Ready for the first bite.  It was quite custardy in texture.  It tasted like vanilla with a hint of pineapple and well, socks.  Very sweet and very unusual.  Can't say it blew my socks off,  but it smelled like it did!  A-ha, a-ha, ahem.   It wasn't that bad.
I wonder if the kids will like these.

**The kids came home from school and tried these.  And the answer is a resounding "No"  They did not like them.  I googled them and apparently they are quite popular with tasting notes of banana, pineapple, papaya and strawberry.  But my kids thought they smelled and tasted like fruity poop. 
**I looked up more info.  It is probable that the fruit that I purchased was overripe. 


  1. They are also known as custard apples.

  2. Hi husband Miguel says that when they are good and not over-ripe they do taste like vanilla custard pudding. It is a very popular Mexican fruit. Of course I laughed with the sock-joke while Miguel got sensitive because he wants us to know it does taste good when not bought over-ripe. He says it is good with vanilla ice-cream. xoxo Jacinta

  3. Ha! Jacinta, please give Miguel my appologies and tell him I will give this *ahem "unusual" fruit another try.:)


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